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Isend Shop - PH

Isend shop - ph is a product that is difficult to find popular overseas products
One-click shopping, purchasing agency, and shipping agency services are provided for convenient purchases in the Philippines. It is a global shopping service platform that provides.

Global Shopping

Conveniently shop for global popular products

Buying overseas products is as simple as purchasing Korean products.
There are no additional charges such as fees and shipping costs.

Global purchasing agency

Global Products - Purchasing Agency in the Philippines

Globally popular products, products that are difficult to purchase conveniently
You can conveniently receive a quote by simply applying for a purchase agent application
You can receive the desired product quickly and safely.

Global shipping agency

Global product - Philippine delivery agency

Convenient delivery of products purchased from global shopping sites
If you only place an order with a shipping address as a shipping service,
It is a service that ships safely and quickly after inspection.

Global - Philippine Isend Shop

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